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Portable Climate Solutions: Rental of Air Conditioning Units

Rental PCS offers different types of air conditioning units intended for use in different industries. We aim to provide our clients with the right cooling solutions depending on their specific needs. We have spot cooling systems that start with one to five tons. These are portable cooling systems that are quite powerful. They are commonly used to bring down the temperature in assembly lines, small warehouses, meeting rooms, retail spaces, and server rooms.

When it comes to large projects, we can provide you with portable cooling units that are between 5 and 25 tons. That way, we can cool down big warehouses, events tents, new construction sites, and many more. Our versatile and dependable portable cooling units are ready for almost every kind of job in any industry. The best part is our experts are always there to assist you with what you need. Also, they make sure that the equipment is installed properly and gives satisfactory performance.

Our compact HVAC systems are deployable with the least effort. They are perfectly suitable for both planned and unplanned emergencies. Our professionals will assess your exact needs and provide you with the best cooling solution. Additionally, they will inspect the site thoroughly to find out which equipment is perfect for your project.

Our team understands your needs and works 24X7 to make sure that only the right equipment and cooling units are delivered. That way, you can effectively get back to your business at the earliest. Rental of air conditioning units becomes an easy affair when working with us.

Cooling solutions for larger areas for construction, industrial, and commercial applications Specialized event tent cooling units 480V, 280V, and 230V Portable Air Conditioning Units for Rental

Perfect solution for a commercial, temporary, supplement, and emergency cooling needs Heating, cooling, and dehumidification - all in one place Choose from different power options that include 110V as well

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