1-Ton Portable Air Conditioner


Power Cooling Capacity: 11,800 BTU’s
Effective Cooling Area: Up to 300 square feet
Airflow (High/Low): 410/380 CFM
Power Consumption: 11.2 amps
Size (Height x Depth x Width, inches): 44 x 27 x 21
Weight (Net/Shipping, lbs): 165/195
Operating Temperature Range: 65 – 95 °F

Specially designed for office spaces battling excessive heat from electronic equipment, the Office Pro 12 is the ultimate solution. With a powerful cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU/h, this portable unit efficiently brings relief. Featuring a user-friendly digital programmable controller, it operates on a standard 115V outlet and can cool spaces down to a comfortable 65°F. Its self-sufficient, portable design ensures easy maneuverability. Not only does the Office Pro 12 safeguard your equipment from overheating, but it also doubles as a dehumidifier when protection against water damage is paramount.

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